Vineyard Installation and Maintenance

Vineyard Installation and Maintenance Services

Because the area has not been developed for wine there is an incredible opportunity for expansion in this industry.  The amount of unused land surrounding Valley Center constitutes thousands of unused acres that Hill Top Winery is capable of providing services for land owners who are interested.  Many of the local farmers have already reached out to the Hill Top Family about removing their existing Avocado and Citrus orchards to plant a less costly crop of grapes.   An acre of Avocados takes close to 800,000 gallons of water annually to grow a quality crop.  On average an acre of grapes takes only 35,000 gallons of water.  With the water shortage in the area there are more and more farmers willing to discuss sustainable alternatives to existing crops.  This does not take into account the devastating effect of local insects that have plagued Citrus and Avocado farmers in the area for decades.  As the expansion and development of viticulture in the area continues to grow, the need for experienced vineyard installation and management services will be in high demand.


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