Summer Menu

Rustic Eats


Hill Top Winery Hummus                           11
HTW Cabernet Sauvignon garlic
hummus, served with grilled ciabatta +
fresh vegetables

Baked Brie Plate                                            23
Brie wedge with dried fruits, nuts
grilled onions + a spiced mango
chutney, served with grilled ciabatta

Fresh Bruschetta                                           11
Fresh mozzerella, basil, onion,
tomato, capers, Kalamata olives +
balsamic glaze, with grilled ciabatta

Potato Stack                                                    11
Red potatoes infused with olive
oil, garlic + fresh herbs topped
with pancetta, green onions +
Parmesan with a balsamic glaze

Charcuterie Plate                                          23
Manchego, dill goat cheese, Gouda,
prosciutto, Genoa salami, corned
beef, Kalamata olives, pecans,
almonds, pine nuts, dried apricots
chutney, + whole grain mustard
served with grilled ciabatta

Small Side Salad                                             5
Sesame salad
with a sesame vinaigrette
Garden Salad with a dill ranch dressing


Hill Top Burger                                                  15
6oz iron grilled beef or portabella
mushroom topped with pancetta,
smoked gouda, pickled onions,
cucumber, tomatoes + lettuce, Served
on a freshly baked bun with house
mayo; garden fresh vegetables with
dill ranch dip

Roasted Portobello*                                         15
Served with spinach, shallots,
Sundried tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts
all sauteed in HTW Chardonnay, basil
pesto + Parmesan cheese atop our
signature sweet chili coconut rice

Fall Favorites Salad                                         13
Kale, cabbage, brussel mix dressed
in a maple balsamic vinaigrette
topped with HTR Ranch House Red cranberries, pecan and crispy pancetta

Phil’s Cheesesteak                                           14
Savory top sirloin with grilled onions,
peppers + manchego cheese on a
fresh baked roll with house mayo.
Served with a cucumber dill slaw +
whole grain mustard

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich                           14
Tender, slow roasted pulled pork with
homemade BBQ sauce on a fresh
baked onion bun with house mayo.
Served with a side of cucumber dill slaw

Vineyard Street Tacos                                     13
Tender grilled citrus chipotle chicken,
topped with fresh pico de gallo +
cotija cheese, served on corn tortillas.
Comes with a side of sweet chili
coconut rice.

Japanese Steak Tacos                                      14
Soy + sesame grilled sirloin,
pico de gallo + manchego cheese,
topped with watermelon radish,
carrot and green onion. With a
side of sweet chili coconut rice.